'Would highly recommend this item. My 75 year old mother uses one to pull a 14kva generator off its stand onto the back of a Suzuki ute and back again.'

Ken Pitts, Brisbane, Queensland.

'We use four Lift And Locks nearly everyday lifting rubber belt. My 12 year old daughter uses it with ease. They have made me money through increased production. I will never use a block and tackle again for under 100 kg.'                                          

Stephen Irwin, Aberdeen, New South Wales.

'Top quality, and now I can get around to all those jobs I've been putting off. Works brilliantly for farm fencing work. Thanks for a great service and speedy delivery!'    

Dave Ritter, Bairnsdale, Victoria.

'It has worked perfectly in every situation. People who saw it being fitted up were skeptical at how a tiny compact little unit was going to do the job. Their opinions changed when they saw it do the job effortlessly. These Lift And Locks are brilliant.'

Bob Kennedy, Field Service Technician, Peak Crossing, Queensland.

'It's good for dressing sheep and deer. Well done! Works a treat and takes no room to store.'

Richard Criddle, Kingston South East, South Australia.

'Used mine the other day for first time and I won't stop using it now. Best money I've spent. I'm getting another one very soon.'                                                                 

Andrew Hallett, Whyalla, South Australia.